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Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change
3rd Edition 2009
The business world is a place of constant change, with stories of mergers, layoffs, bankruptcy, and restructuring appearing in the news every day. No matter the scale, when these kinds of changes hit the workplace, the literal, situational shifts are often not as difficult for employees and managers to work through as the psychological transitions that accompany them.

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"Change and rate of change are more dynamic today than ever. Bill Bridges has attacked an area of managing change that many not only avoid, but also do not even recognize—the human side of change. Managing Transitions can certainly help an organization understand change better and develop improved change strategies. This is a valuable contribution."

Robert Levy,
Personnel Programs Manager
Hewlett-Packard Company

Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes
Revised and expanded 25th Anniversary Edition
This book deals with the transitions in an individual’s life—marriages and divorces, family births and deaths, relocations and career changes, retirement and all the other personal changes that disrupt our lives today.  This book—which first identified the three-phase transition process—has now sold more than half-a-million copies.  It explains how one can make transition less disruptive and how an individual can launch a new life after it is finished.
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"William Bridges has given us an extraordinarily useful book. I'm recommending it to all my friends."

George Leonard

The Way of Transition: Embracing Life's Most Difficult Moments
A richly textured, deep map of the personal, professional, and emotional transformations that grow out of tragedy and crisis. Eloquently explaining the mechanics of transition through his own moving story, Bridges administrates how disillusionment, sorrow, or confusion can blossom into a time of incredible creativity and contentment, highlighting the profound significance and true value of endings in our lives.

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"If you have not yet traveled to that dark, scary, seemingly endless place Bill Bridges calls "the neutral zone," buy this book now. It will be your comfort during any time of transition. I have not been this touched, this attentive, this inspired by book in a long time. It spoke to me at a hard point in my life. Perhaps it will speak to you...."

Beverly Kaye, President, Career Systems International

Creating You & Co.: Learn to Think Like the CEO of Your Own Career
A practical guide to reinventing your worklife by making today's frequent workplace changes work for, instead of against, you. This guide shares some interesting ideas and offers helpful advice on how to be an "independent" worker, whether you are currently employed or out on your own.

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"William Bridges, a business consultant and lecturer, provides strategies for dealing with the shift away from 'good, steady jobs' to an era of temporary, free-lance and consulting positions."

Detroit News

On Leading Change: A Leader to Leader Guide
On Leading Change features the best thinking from top experts on strategies for change, sustaining growth, and leading transition. Written in a concise style that is ideal for the busy executive with little spare time, the book presents a stellar roster of contributors. On Leading Change is one title in the Leader to Leader Guides, which draw from the most compelling articles that have appeared in Leader to Leader, the Drucker Foundation's award-winning journal.
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JobShift: How to Prosper in a Workplace Without Jobs
An analysis of outsourcing, temping, the use of consultants and other changes going on in today's workplace and what is driving them. The book proposes the basic argument that the job, as we have known it, is the product of historical forces, and (with their disappearance) is going away. Instructive advice is offered to organizations and individuals on how to deal with this new situation.

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"Fascinating, lively, and very useful.... JobShift reinforces my opinion that William Bridges remains one of America's leading authorities on the profound structural changes altering the way we work. He not only brings his unique insights to these transitions, but he also shows us how to ride the crest of the latest wave of change—all in a lively style."

James Sullivan, Vice Chairman, Chevron Corporation

The Character of Organizations: Using Jungian Type in Organizational Development
Based on an instrument called the Organizational Character Index (included in the book), this book applies to organizations the same categories of extraverted, introverted, intuitive, etc. that the Myers Briggs Type Inventory® applies to individuals. It helps you understand why a particular organization behaves as it does and what kind of "development" it needs.

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"Today we can say that William Bridges 'wrote the book' on organizational character just as we can say he 'wrote the book' on change. I have been using the insights in The Character of Organizations with great success for years!"

Sandra Krebs Hirsh from the Foreward

"William Bridges skillfully brings the MTB® one step further. A readable and useful book that provides an innovative perspective on organizational development."

Nancy Barger, Independent Consultant, Littleton, CO

"Every now and then, someone comes along who has spent lifetime thinking about just what is needed at a particular moment. As we look at the sheer velocity of change confronting organizations in the 21st century, we see where the landscape will alter dramatically. The familiar signposts won't be there for us. We need a wise guide in these transitions and Bill Bridges is the man. He thinks insightfully. He presents clearly. Hear him if you get a chance."

Bob Buford, Chairman, The Drucker Foundation and Founder, Leadership Network

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