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William Bridges and Associates, in partnership with Linkage, works with organizations to help them deal productively with the human impact of change. Organizations use our consulting services to help them become more able to deal with change and transition. This work often follows a merger or a major reorganization in which elements of the organization's structure, procedures, culture, policies, management practices, or HR practices have made it more difficult than it should have been to carry off a necessary change.

Our Consulting Services
Consulting focuses on guiding the leaders who are planning a change. Services are carried out in a way that guarantees a smooth transition, and most importantly, does not cause so much disruption that the benefits of the change are compromised. These services include:

  • Transition Management Design and Plans
  • Leadership during Times of Turbulence
  • Communication and Coaching during Change
  • Managing Non-Stop Change

For more information, call (415) 925-1980 or contact us.

"I know of no one in the country that brings to corporate America as much understanding as Bridges does (and can communicate) of how organizations can walk, not back into, the future."

Warren Bennis

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